This was my impromptu Halloween costume...
I guess one could say it was inspired by American Horror Story Coven? Or Stevie Nicks? It was easy to put together as I had all of the pieces in my wardrobe already. I love black, Goth, lace... Victorian and New Romantics style of clothing.
I'm wearing all vintage/thrifted and favorite witchy boots are vintage Red or Dead London.
Plus the jewelry is my own design - a choker featuring one of my papercut images of a Raven.
(you can find it in my shop).
My whole outfit is either thrifted recently, a vintage purchase from 20 years ago, or something I kept for 20 years. I hate spending a lot of money on clothes. I hate following trends. I do like investing in a good item that’ll last me for ever, but it’s so much more exciting finding treasures at vintage stores and creating your own style involving items you love and have treasured for years. My top is Goodwill. Boots Camden market in London cca 20 years ago. Skirt from a small boutique in Croatia about 20 some years ago just before I left to live in London. Belt I stole from my mother. Fun memories getting these pieces and putting together this outfit. The puppet - aka my witches familiar - is a vintage mime doll.
Strangelings came out to play... 
Tina xoxo

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